Red Thin Shiny Nylon Jumpsuits

Red Thin Shiny Nylon Jumpsuits
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Red Thin Shiny Nylon Jumpsuits Red Thin Shiny Nylon Jumpsuits

Panno D'Or

$ 45.95 $ 89.95
Size:  XXL (True 44" to 48" - Height to 6'5")


Awesome thin nylon Panno D’Or Jumpsuit will bring you back to the 80s in no time. You’ll be making a swooshing noise when you walk.

These Panno D’Or Parachute Jumpsuits have a comfortable fit to release the break dancer in you. The jumpsuits come with one zippered pockets on on each leg, along with two front zippered pants pockets and one zippered back pocket.  There are also zippers at the bottom of each leg that optionally creates the 80s ankle tight look.  These jumpsuits are machine washable.

How to size these pants?
To determine which size of jumpsuit to purchase, it is important that you first measure a pair of your own pants that fit comfortably.  Do not rely on manufacturer labels, as they are often lower than the true waist size in inches (vanity labeling).  Place the pants to be measured on a flat surface and measure the width at the belt line.  This measurement should be doubled to determine your true waist size.  We list the manufacturer’s label and the limit of the true waist size for each jumpsuit.  These jumpsuits have a limit on the height of the user, and these are also listed next to the size.

For these pants, the inseam is not that important.  A zipper on both ankles will gather extra material, if needed.  Pants in the 80s were worn on the ankle instead of the heel.  These pants have a 33 inch inseam.

Shipping Times & Costs?
We ship orders the next business day.  We offer standard and overnight shipping to most areas of the 48 continental United States.  Standard shipping takes 2 to 3 days, including Saturdays.  International shipping is available, but times vary depending on customs delays.  Pricing and shipping options are available during checkout.

An RMA number is required to return or exchange the pants.  We will accept unworn pants if the RMA is requested within 15 days of placing the order.  Email the request to You may try on the pants, but if your body heat wrinkles them, which indicates that they have been worn extensively, we will void the RMA.  Please keep the pants in the zip-lock bag that they were sold in.